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The CCN Mexico Report™ is a monthly newsletter with coverage of Mexican political, business and legal topics from Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton (CCN). Subscriptions to the CCN Mexico Report™ are free. The CCN Mexico Report™ features exclusive commentaries and views from CCN’s attorneys and professionals in both English and Spanish. CCN is an international law firm with offices in Texas and Mexico dedicated to serving clients doing business in the NAFTA region.


  • Legal Updates

      United States, Mexico and Cuba: Energy Triangle   The restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba after more than 50 years of cold war will have an economic impact on the Caribbean region and the Gulf of Mexico.  Such occurrence was actually the most important international news of 2014.   Although a long road lies ahead, it appears that the lifting of the U.S. embargo against Cuba will result in a complete normalization of... [Read More]

    The following are economic indicators as of January 28, 2015:


    Peso/Dollar Exchange Rate: $__14.6878__pesos per dollar.


    Mexican Stock Exchange: The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) closed at 42,158.07 points.


    Interest Rates: The Average Interbank Interest Rate (TIIE) for a 28-day period was at 3.3050 %.

  •    Recent Jurisprudence – Adverse Possession. Setting Aside the Legal Precedent, by Adrián Salgado.   Recently, the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation issued jurisprudence by contradiction of legal opinion number 1a./J. 82/2014 (10a.) titled: “Adverse Possession. Even though applicable law may not require equitable title or the act transferring ownership to have an exact date, the certainty of the... [Read More]
  • The New Regulatory Framework on Natural Gas Infrastructure in Mexico, by José María Lujambio   In 1995, a few activities of the Mexican energy sector were opened for private participation, including transportation, storage and distribution of natural gas.  Since then, Mexico has received significant investments from transnational companies that provide natural gas midstream services. This has been most evident in (i) gas distribution, where the Energy... [Read More]
  • Business & Politics Outlook

    Political Thermometer   This year, Mexicans will have federal and local elections in which 2,159 offices will be contested, of which 500 correspond to the federal Congress, 9 to governors, 641 to local representatives in 17 states, 993 to municipal mayors in 16 states and 16 to borough representatives in the Federal District.  These borough representatives are the equivalent of the municipal mayors in the states. These figures indicate high electoral... [Read More]
  •    300 PALABRAS, by Mario Melgar-Adalid   New President of the Mexican National Supreme Court   Luis María Aguilar Morales is the new president of the Mexican Supreme Court.  In Mexico, the president of the Supreme Court is appointed by the eleven justices and serves for a term of 4 years, without the possibility of an immediate reappointment. Theoretically, a president of the Supreme Court may be appointed for a four... [Read More]
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